Web & App Development

You have a vision about what you want to do. You see a business value in your proposal. Even the skeptical CFO is convinced – we need this. But, your Web & App Development team can’t deliver soon enough – lack of resources, lack of know-how, you name it. Don’t let your business value being snapped by a competitor. We can help you realize it.

Great design and user interaction

As the first step in the process, you need to know where you're standing now. You actually might be further down the road than you think. Together, we will have a close look at your business and technology landscape, existing and emerging competition, and the best practices in the field. The goal is not only to analyze the current state but to spot opportunities and identify the risks. Our multiple-expert team will guide the process.

Mobile apps

Can you provide a unique, personalized experience from the pocket to your customers? You have very little space to express yourself on a mobile screen and this is a challenge. However, creativity doesn’t exist without limits. Take it as an advantage! We will help you go through the user journey, design, technology choice and implementation - a real peace-of-mind partner of yours. Native or cross-platform? Node.js or Java for the backend? What did you say again - crowd-testing? Don’t worry. Let us guide you through the process so you can fully leverage your mobile presence.

Custom development

Danger! You can get bored when reading this passage! Don’t say we didn’t warn you... Well, some parts of software development are not fancy. You need integration with your ERP system, an interface design, and implementation? Redesign of your data architecture? Migration into the cloud? Not everything is about fancy design and a sleek web page. But, this doesn’t make it less important, just on the contrary. So, yes, you need to tackle these things rather sooner than later. You need good soil to stand on: clear data structures, neat software architecture, appropriate technology, and good infrastructure. This is a foundation we will help you build.


You might wonder - why mentioning quality at all? Shouldn’t it be built in from the beginning? Are they gonna put a QA guy on the project to charge me more? Being former QA guys, we take quality really seriously. Yes, we know, this is something you expect everyone to say, but we truly love to test software and find new ways of producing clean, high-quality code. Test automation? Load and performance testing? OWASP security audits? Here we are at home. Yes, it does make us look a bit nerdy, but we do love it! And when you see the benefits of having a clean QA process embedded in the product development, you will love it too.

The prediction for the overall mobile app market is $935 billion in revenue in 2023. It was $380 billion in 2019.