Quality assurance

Are you also struggling with automated testing? Quality problems despite trying to implement the newest development practices? Laggy performance of your application and you don’t really know what to do? People have become extremely sensitive when they see bugs on a page or have to wait multiple seconds for the page to load. Nowadays, they just skip you and never come back.

Manual testing

If you mention manual testing today, many people say: manual testing is a thing of the past, we are beyond that. But, actually, well-designed manual tests are priceless. Equivalence classes and boundary edge analysis? We thought so... Lots of people neglect some fundamental testing techniques in pursue of newest automation tools. Don't do that. Systematic testing, exploratory testing, session-based testing, crowdtesting - the forms of manual testing are many, and you can use them extremely efficiently.

Test automation

First - automation strategy, second - automation tooling. Don't focus on the tool first, look at what you want to achieve with it. When you know what you want, making a custom automation framework, or implementing one of the standard tools is easy. Basically, there is no tool that we haven't tried so far. But, don't forget the automation tool is a means of executing well-designed test scenarios, not a purpose for itself.

Load & Performance testing

One of our favorites. Should be your's favorite too, when you understand the importance of good performance and load stability of your application. You should think of it from the very beginning, we are there to help you plan, prepare and execute solid performance tests. We have the know-how and tooling to help you out.


Whatever you do, weak security is not an option. It is really in the best interest of your customers and yourself to take care of it early on. We can guide you through OWASP top ten security risks, do a full risk security assessment, and then help you find and close security gaps. Investment in security is a wise one.

79% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed.