Do you also want a reduction of productive incidents by more than 30%?


Mobiliar, founded in 1826, is the oldest and one of the most prominent insurance companies in the Swiss market. Having cooperative roots since its foundings, Mobiliar is strongly locally anchored and their 1.7 million customers have regular shares in the company’s profits. A long tradition, an extraordinary strong recognition on the market makes Mobiliar no. 1 brand on the highly competitive Swiss insurance market. Also, Mobilar’s commitment to its customers is already a legend. Only an excellent service and user experience to its customers and prospects is what is accepted by the company.


Mobiliar introduced Siebel as a central, 360-degree CRM platform which is a crucial and strategic system for the company and is an entry point for more than 3000 customer-related staff, like sales, support, claims, etc. The CRM is highly integrated into the application landscape, which makes it a complex environment for further developments. Being an agile development organization, Mobiliar soon found out that missing test automation for Siebel is significantly slowing down the development pace and is rising the maintenance and development costs.


Orange Bird suggested a complete approach to QA: manual testing using novel methods like session-based testing, crowd-testing, and systematic approach, combined with a modern automation framework for pro- and regression testing. We built a modern and flexible automation architecture based on Selenium libraries that supports multiple requirements like flexible execution of tests on different machines, zones, and at different times. The automation was fully integrated into the development cycle, using the team’s CI-engine for automated execution and a 3-level reporting.

Customer Benefits

After three months the QA setup started to produce results. The framework is being used vividly as a backbone of the development process and Mobiliar enjoys:

  • significant increase in development pace
  • almost 100% reduction of repetitive manual testing
  • yearly savings of more than 250’000 CHF
  • reduction of productive incidents by more than  30%

While struggling to bring our CRM system up-to-speed in an increasingly agile development environment, we knew we had to tackle test automation one way or another. While looking at different approaches, including out-of-the-box tool provided by the vendor himself, we decided to go with the experts from Orange Bird. And this decision paid off!

They built an elegant and robust solution, from which we profit today as well, both in the effort and money. This initial collaboration extended over the last four years to our great satisfaction!

Jens Messmer
People Manager CRM & Partner
Mobiliar, Bern