Dental Campus

How about an unified multimedia and e-commerce platform?


Dental Campus, backed by Digital Dental Live, is a leading provider of digital services for a European network of dental practitioners, associations, and clinics. Following their vision of a digital future for a large part of a dentist’s education and specialization, Dental Campus had an idea of making the first platform for advanced dental courses for practitioners.


An early idea of Dental Campus was to have an omnipotent platform, which can offer highly advanced courses for dentists. The customers were supposed to have not only complex tutorials at their disposal, performed by top-notch authorities but also an advanced digital exam procedure. The project, however, overwhelmed the personnel of Dental Campus, so they sought a competent partner, who can design, produce, and maintain this complex platform.


The project started with a workshop, which defined the cornerstones of the product. The collaboration was a tight one – an agile development cycle allowed the customer to see the progress regularly. Thanks to the client’s interest and engagement, and our product development capacity, the progress was rapid. We together choose .NET as the preferred technology. The content of the courses was soon available in text, photos, and videos. A special challenge was an AI-based exam procedure, that allows Dental Campus to assess the dentists based on their answers, time spent reading texts and watching tutorials, forwarding, and rewinding videos. Also, the platform allows users to manage their profiles, gather certified educational credits and manage their plans and subscriptions.

Customer Benefits

Dental Campus offers a wide range of high-end courses to the end customers and a superb platform for the provider. Some of the features:

  • multimedia courses, with tutorials and a wide range of exercises, with advanced exam procedures
  • full automation of plans and subscriptions, both for end customer’s and provider’s perspective
  • very easy-to-use CMS functionalities for course creation and delivery
  • possibilities for easy collaboration among associations