Do you also want automation of the complete E-commerce platform?


Curaden is one of the fastest-growing oral care companies, specialized in training dental professionals and manufacturing over 120 innovative products available in more than 60 countries. For example, brand Curaprox enjoys an excellent international reputation. Based near Lucerne, Curaden employs 300+ staff across the world and has a turnover of over $150 million/year.


Realizing opportunities for online sales, Curaden decided to open a B2B shop around seven years ago. The initial strategy of contracting internal IT for building an e-commerce platform didn’t bear fruits, the lack of experience in the area and the lack of resources hindered the progress quite significantly. After a few months, Curaden’s management understood that they had to find an experienced partner to tackle this rather complex project so they gave us a call.


Working very closely with Curaden we were able to outline the appropriate strategy for the shop development, in regards to market coverage, functionalities, design, technology, and the timeline. Prestashop was chosen as the preferred technology platform which allowed us to manage complex market and stock requirements, ERP integration, payment processing, order tracking, and other advanced features. Special attention was paid not only to functionalities but to UX design and easy-to-use handling for demanding detail practitioners.

Customer Benefits

Curaden got a fully digitalized e-commerce landscape covering the fast-growing dental market, different target groups, and markets. Today, the benefits for Curaden are manifold:

  • it’s the largest dental B2B shop in Switzerland
  • over 1500 orders from each separate shop every month
  • over $1m in sales/m, and growing
  • automation of the complete e-commerce platform