BOND Mobility

Do you also want consistent user experience across all channels?


BOND Mobility, a Swiss company from Zurich provides the world’s fastest and funniest micromobility, eBike on-demand, service. It is the only provider of high performance, wide-range speed eBikes. A university study shows that BOND Mobility has the highest potential of replacing cars in urban and suburban zones – the highest NPS score (63) in the transportation services category, even greater than Amazon.


The design and user experience with the apps and web were outdated and inconsistent. Complicated sign-up process and app handling reduced the conversion rates and kept prospects away. The core system was built in a rigid way, not allowing fast changes and making new offers and products hard to implement.


After the first workshops, it became clear that BOND actually needed a full digital transformation. This included new UX over all channels, an e-commerce webshop for used bikes, and a new backend based on a different architecture and modern technologies.

Using modern design principles, A/B testing and multiple optimizations of user interaction paths, we made a new brand identity, and UX design to represent BOND’s fresh and bold position on the market. Along with this, Orange Bird designed a new core system using modern technologies. This allowed flexible scalability, good performance, a possibility to sustain fast growth, and most importantly one-click-design of new products.

Customer Benefits

BOND’s digital transformation showed immediate benefits:

  • consistent user experience and seamless switch across all channels
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • increased number of bookings for city rides by 26%
  • introduction of new services which make over 40% of current revenues

We needed a development partner for our mobile app. We knew some people from Orange Bird but were still skeptical for we hadn’t worked with them before. So we started small, but very soon we were impressed by their capacity to provide good feedback, great and innovative product ideas, and high-quality code. They cared about our product as much as we ourselves!

Soon this partnership extended to our e-commerce shop, backend, and web design. Orange Bird became a truly innovative and integrative partner in the whole development process, and this work goes on.

And on top of that, we saved more than 40% compared to our previous local partner. Yes, collaboration can be as beneficial as that!

Nick Müller
Head of IT
Bond Mobility, Zürich