We are all about providing quaity software

Bringing to life client’s technology visions and transforming the business

Who We Are

Orange Bird is a software development and consulting company founded in 2012 in Bern, Switzerland. Together with our partners we support our customers from development centres in Serbia and Romania and combined we have more than 200 top skilled engineers.

At Orange Bird we are all about providing quality software for our customers, by bringing to life their technology visions and transforming the business through sustainable IT investments. Our unique mixture of skills guarantees that any project, no matter how complex, will be a success.

Our Delivery Partners

We do not act as a contractor for our customers, but as a partner. On delivery, we work closely with several top development companies from Serbia and Romania to achieve a perfect match.

We Are At Your Service

Besides the technical knowledge and expertise, with Orange Bird, you get a team of professionals that communicate openly and build a relationship with you, based on trust.